We are proud to offer great customer service and friendly staff. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to find it for you.


We have thousands of parts on hand. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can find it for you.


We sell recycled antifreeze for only $2/gal. We dispose of used tires for a price of: $3/ea for standard car tires, $7/ea for truck tires and $25/ea tractor tires. We take waste oil free of charge. We take appliances free of charge (freon must be removed).


We buy your unwanted vehicles. Prices depend on if it is a vehicle that will be junked out and sent on its way to the crusher or if it is a good parts car. If the vehicle will be junked, you will be paid per metric ton. If the car has value in parts to us, we will pay a higher price. It is all determined by the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Contact us for a quote on what your car is worth today. We also buy steel, tin, wheels, copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum cans, catalytic converters, wires, radiators, etc.