Scrap Prices

Get rid of your junk vehicle Hassle Free! You do NOT need to drain the fluids or remove the tires from your vehicle prior to hauling it down. 


UPDATED: July 30,  2018


  • Car bodies: $130mt (complete vehicles only)
  • Car bodies: $108mt (incomplete vehicles, if ANYTHING is missing from vehicle it is considered incomplete)
  • Unprepaired: $90.00mt
  • Tin: $0.00mt (We are just taking tin at this time but we are not currently paying for it)
  • #1 Copper 1.40LB
  • #2 Copper 1.10LB
  •  #3 Copper   .30LB
  • Aluminum Cans .38LB
  • Aluminum Breakage .05LB
  • Clean Aluminum .40LB
  • Brass .75LB
  • Batteries .15LB
  • Aluminum Rims .45LB

We also buy catalytic converters and all other scrap metals. Refrigerators and freezers may be brought in as long as they do not have compressors on them. Please call or email for prices on other metals. Prices subject to change at any time.